Thursday, July 20, 2017

Proud of the Republicans in Congress

I repeat myself when I say that I am no fan of either major political party. To believe that either side is interested in anything other than gaining power, money, influence and being re-elected is simply nonsense. Our present political system is completely dysfunctional. If you think Russia is the greatest threat to American democracy, I would draw your attention to Congress. I have just two words on the subject – term limits.

With all of that said, I will say that lately, I have been rather proud of the Republicans in Congress and the Senate. As has been all over the news, they have been unable to agree on legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). On the one hand, they have had several years to draft that legislation. How many years has the party’s mantra been, “Repeal and Replace”? It’s not like the idea came up last month. But they haven’t disappointed me since for years I have considered most of them to be idiots.

But then, I state in the title that I am proud of them. And I am. I am proud that they have not behaved like the Democrats. The Republicans are disagreeing with each other. They are having differing opinions. They are considering options. They may even be thinking (as hard as it is to believe). Much unlike the Democrats.

When passing legislation, such as Obama Care, the Democrats were in lock-step. No questions asked. No disagreement allowed. Okay, everyone, let’s say in unison – Yes. It was creepy to watch them pass the Affordable Care Act and other favored legislation. They seemed to work like a cult. No disagreement allowed. No differing thoughts allowed. The Democrat lemmings toe the company line or face what? What does the Democrat Party hold over its legislators that cause them to be so “agreeable?” What are they afraid of? Loss of support and not be re-elected? Probably not. No matter what they do the robots back home elect them to office again and again. Loss of party support or money? Probably since money seems to underlie most everything that happens in Washington.

So, even though I think they are nincompoops, I am proud of the Republicans in Congress and the Senate. They may be stupid, but at least they aren’t acting like those Democrats.

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